P1000785This sea cock, near the bottom of the bilge below the speed transducer, was the intake for the old Frost water cooled refrigerator that was replaced with a keel cooled Frigoboat unit. This sea cock always leaked, not enough to be dangerous but enough to be annoying. Since it was no longer needed, I decided to replace it and fill in the hole.P1000919 After removing the seacock, I ground out a 6 inch square indent on the hull side of the hole about a 1/4 inch down into the fiberglass receding from the 5/8 inch hole. P1000925 The Difficult to access inside was sanded all around the hole and three layers of 8 oz glass cloth was laid on, covered with epoxy resin and held in place with a wax paper covered board. p1000927P1000929With the board as a backing plate, I filled the old hole with layer upon layer of 5/8 diameter discs of fiberglass cloth soaked in epoxy until it filed the hole completely.p1000933Then I laid on ever increasing sized glass patches, 13 in all until I completely filled in the ground out indentation.P1000931P1000935P1000938P1000941P1000945 I Used a small portable electric heater to keep the epoxy resin warm as it cured in the cool Lake Superior Spring-time temperatures.P1000972After curing completely, I sanded it with 100 grit to fair out the rough spots and now the patch is water tight and ready for paint.
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