Buffing the topsides using Maine Sails buffing method. (modified)

First: Acid Wash - 20%muriatic acid and water - use a taped-on plastic skirt to protect the bottom paint.

Second: Wash with soap and water.

Third: Let dry.

Fourth: Buff with Presta Ultra Cutting Cream to a nice shine

Fifth: Wax with Collinite #885 Fleet Wax Paste- 2 coats.

Main Sail’s complete instructions here. Tips for a great Buff Wax

After the acid wash and soap wash. Buffing away.

Starboard side buffed and waxed - Port side undone.


Starboard stern buffed out, Port yet to go

Both sides of the stern waxed. No more diesel mustache.

Finishing touches for the wax.


All done! Ready for put in.


Mariah, freshly buffed and waxed on the left and another CD36 on the right in need of a few ”Maine Sail” steps.

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