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Light weight, cedar strip nesting dinghies  
updated 03-23-2015
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I specialize in building sail boat tenders that nest together and can be place atop the cabin top or foredeck. The bow fits inside the stern section. The boat comes together and apart easily in just a few minutes.

Made of cedar and fiberglass with gunnels of ash and walnut, these boats are both strong and light. Weighing under 80 pounds with oars and seats, they both row like a dream and can handle up to 5 hp out board engines. All bronze hardware and each boat comes with two, two piece oars. 
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Launch & Assembly
Sybil (11 footer) 
Overall length 11 feet  Nested length 5' 10" Nested depth 1' 9"  Beam 4' 6" 
Weight about 85lbs with seats and oars. 
Cost: $3900.00 plus shipping
Ozma (9 footer)
Overall length 9 feet  Nested length 5' 2.5” Nested depth 1' 4”  Beam 3’ 8”
 Weight about 65lbs with seats and oars. 
Cost: $3400.00 plus shipping
To order/inquire

A wide choice of trim woods are available.
- ash - walnut - cherry - mahogany- teak - hickory - maple -  red alder - oak - beech - birch - butternut -
(teak is $100 extra)

To see an article in Good Old Boat Magazine about building the nine foot dinghy Ozma, click here.   
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Materials apply to both boats. 
Cedar hull with plywood bulkheads covered with 8oz fiberglass cloth and coated in epoxy. Bulkheads are glued and attached with bronze nails. The hull is finished with 4 coats of glossy varnish. The interior is finished with 2 coats of glossy vanish. The ventilated gunnels are ash and walnut or ash and cherry.  

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